Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh to Overflow

" May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow."
Romans 15:13 What a description of Life. What a beautiful life this would be. This is what Jesus calls me to, this life, one full of joy & thanksgiving, hope & peace, trust, which will lead to overflowing. I want to overflow. 

Yesterday was a day of revelation. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Yesterday I discovered a choice that must be made every day. I must choose my focus, what emotions will I choose to live out. Will I choose anger or will I choose joy? Will I choose fear or will I choose trust? Will I choose thanksgiving or will I choose worry? This was an eyeopening revelation for me. That when I am faced with a circumstance, I may choose how I will deal with it, and that it must be a conscious choice. In a way I think I've always known this, this choosing, but I've never lived it out until yesterday, I've never seen it so clearly, and been set free by choice. Rather than worrying about what's to come I want to trust. I want to trust in my Creator, who is Jehovah, who is Redeemer, who is Provider, who is Love, who is Healer, who is God. I want to trust. Rather than fear I want to choose thanksgiving. 

Jesus thank you for...
the click of cowboy boots against pavement
the raindrops hanging from tree limbs
the warmth of hot tea and fuzzy blankets
the smell of candles and their light shining bright
I want to give thanks.
What joy is found in the act of trusting, in the act of giving thanks, what joy! I choose joy, I choose thanksgiving, I choose trust.