Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I don't know if you have a smart phone. But over the past 10 months or so I have made the transition from the free-with-a-contract phones (aka "boring" to some) to the world of touch screens and "smart" phones. There are things I like from both, I seriously hate typing on touch screens, they drive me crazy! I always seem to hit the wrong letters, and don't even get me started on the auto-correct business (I've turned it off on my phone). I miss the big number/letter keys on my old phone that I could text a-mile-a-minute on...but I really do love the apps on the smart phones. There is a Bible app called YouVersion and on that app a community has formed through a devotional called Living the Surrendered Life and the community has spread to instagram and twitter with the trend #SheReadsTruth.

This is a place where women are coming together to read scripture and share what they are learning through it. What an incredible online community a few women have created through the Lord's leading and I am so excited to begin investing in this community!

I don't know where you are in your faith walk. I don't know if you're reading your Bible regularly, if you're struggling with daily setting aside time for the Lord or if you get lost in the Word every time you open it because you just can't get enough. We all have our ups and downs, we have times when we're struggling and when we are overflowing with love and desire for our King.

Wherever you are today I hope you find hope and encouragement. I pray the Lord touches your heart and blesses you in a special way. I hope that you make the time to be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10).