Thursday, January 26, 2012

How do I pray?

Flushed face, queasy stomach, shaky hands...with our trip with the youth heading out in a little over 24 hours. How do I pray? How do I choose God-centered prayer over self-centered prayer when all I want is to be better, full of energy and ready to go hang out this weekend?!? Isn't that what God would want? For me to spend time with these people I have grown to love, laugh with, and grow with? But His ways are not always my ways, but His ways are always perfect. So here I am Jesus, at Your feet, asking Your will not mine be done. I give up my selfish desires, though they seem like good desires, You may have something else in store for us all. Thank You for having a perfect plan, and thank You for seeing the whole picture while I only get little tidbits here and there. I trust You Father, to heal me in Your timing and in Your own way, to bring glory to You alone. Thank You for today, and for the opportunity to trust in You and You alone.