Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweaters in September... September? Yes, it is true, I am already breaking out my winter sweaters and almost wore my winter coat the other day but decided to refrain so that I wouldn't have to explain the fact that we're getting into North Carolina winterish weather right now, but for Canada this is nothing! Yeesh! What have I gotten myself into! Well I've gotten myself hitched and I'm very grateful to be with that lovely person, it's just a bit cold in this part of the world...who knew? Well most people...except me I guess...

Anyways, enough griping about the cold weather (imagine what it's going to be like in January...oh deary me, lets not and say we did, k? k.). But honestly, the cooler weather isn't really all that bad, it's just taking some getting used too. I'm actually enjoying the chances that it gives me to take walks around town and to get to know my surroundings. I walked to the post office the other day. How cool is that? I mean in Charlotte, I drove everywhere and never thought twice about it. Now I can walk to lots of places and I'm loving it! I really do love the "small town life". I love being able to walk to a friends house and have a cup of tea together. The fact that I can walk to the library or to Coffee Culture which is the lovely coffee shop in downtown Ingersoll that I love so much, or that we can walk to church, that all amazes me so much!

When I left Charlotte I was really looking forward to making good use of my time while I am unable to work and really learn how to cook on my own. It's just different when mom isn't always around to help whenever I need her. Now don't get me wrong, I still call her all the time with questions and stuff, but I'm more inclined to try things on my own first when she isn't sitting in the other room. I've really been enjoying figuring out what I want to cook and then trying things out. Though cooking hasn't exactly been easy with Matthew's schedule the way it is. You see I never know when he will get home, it could be anywhere from 3:30pm to 9:30pm or anything in between. So yes, planning has been a bit of a challenge, but I've decided to try and do as many meals as possible in the crock pot so I can just keep them warm that way. Tonight I'm making Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and we'll have to see how the time line works out, but hopefully it will go well. And then, sometime this weekend I'm attempting chicken pot pie. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not, and I have no idea how it's going to turn out, but I've been craving it so I'm gonna try, and hopefully I won't fail miserably! But you never know, it could turn out to be the most amazing thing ever...and if not thankfully my husband will love me anyway and will have no trouble scrounging through the freezer in search of something edible :)