Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh the Packing...and the Stress

I have so much packing that needs to be done before Matthew arrives on Friday night and I am feeling so very overwhelmed at the moment. How do you pack up your whole life into boxes and suitcases? Furthermore, when you cannot take everything with you at one time how do you choose what comes with you and what has to wait until the next time, or the time after that? You see getting our wedding gifts along with all of my stuff up to Canada is much more difficult than we had expected. For instance, I have to cross the border with Matthew in order to be granted a "Visitors Status" which will enable me to be able to stay in Canada for 6 months at a time, but I am not allowed to cross the border with many possessions until I am granted Permanent Resident Status because I can't look like I'm moving when I'm just a visitor. So at this point we can't just show up at the border in a U-Haul with all of our stuff, we have to be very strategic in finding ways to get things up there in shifts. Like when my parents come visit they'll try and bring a present or two, because they're only allowed to take $60 or less across the border. Or my parents will drive and pack their car full and one of our Canadian citizen friends or family members will meet my parents across the border, put the presents in their car, and then drive back across the border because Canadian citizens don't have a limit on things they can bring across the border. Do you understand my stress? It's very difficult for me to pick and choose things, whether it's jeans (which I love immensely), or choosing between our crock pot and our dishes. But I am trying to see this in a positive light. Such as it will seem like Christmas, up until I become a permanent resident, every time my parents visit or they send us a package in the mail if I'm really needing something particular. But all in all it's not about the stuff you have it's who you're with right? And I get to be with Matthew, and that is something that I cannot wait for! It will be amazing to finally be able to talk in person on a regular basis, or if we don't want to talk we can just sit together instead. I am really looking forward to just being able to live life together, it will be fun, and challenging but that is what marriage is about, being stretched in new directions and allowing God to mold you both into the people He has created you to be as individuals and as a couple.